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  • Golf Chiropractor Pilates Sunshine Coast

Golf Chiropractor, Golf Pilates | Sunshine Coast

The team at Chirolates is specially trained to assist golfers get the most out of their game.

The highly experienced team can not only give golf-specific training and care through individual modalities of chiropractic, pilates and massage, but you can also benefit from a holistic approach to your individual needs and budget. Talk to Dr. Darcy Brown about how the team can work together to achieve your physical goals.

“Play better golf through a better body.”

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About Dr. Darcy Brown, Chiropractor

Dr. Darcy J. Brown B.Sc D.C. graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He has provided private treatment for professional athletes on three continents including athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Teams, Rugby Union, Rugby League, fast-pitch softball and PGA. He has also served as team physician for a variety of sports teams including the Gentlemen of Aspen Rugby Football Club (5-time U.S. national champions).
While running a clinic in Aspen, Dr. Brown completed seminars across the U.S. for Golf-specific Chiropractic, Golf Biomechanics and Training Exercises, as well as Neuro-specific training for the golf enthusiast.
He is certified in the practical examination, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries and sports extremities.
Dr. Darcy’s personal goal:“To keep swinging a golf club pain-free into my nineties!”

About Kylie Brown, Pilates Reformer Instructor

Kylie E. Brown is the only Pilates Practiioner with a Golf Pilates Certification from All American Pilates on the Sunshine Coast. She completed her course at the PGA U.S. national resort in 2003, and has been working ever since with PGA members, golf professionals, and golf enthusiasts from all over the U.S. and Australia. Her clients have enjoyed great success in all aspects of their game and the rewards gained have been memorable. Kylie has continued her education through workshops and seminars concerning the latest advancements within Pilates and the sports-specific Golf Pilates world.